About our project:

Silgrad Tower: From the Ashes is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that will initially encompass the area around the city of Silgrad Tower in western Morrowind. Upon completion of this portion, we will expand north, creating the cities of Soluthis and Blacklight, as well as their surroundings.

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Changes are open for discussion.

As of the year 4E 201, the nation of Black Marsh controls Morrowind. To keep the Empire out of its new holdings, the Argonians stationed a large army in the once- grand city of Silgrad Tower, and Silgrad’s proud, Dunmer citizens were forced into slavery. As slaves, the Dunmer are now forced to produce food for the Argonian soldiers, mine ore to create their weapons, and other forms of
hard labor that ultimately secure their own subjugation. The Dunmer have never been easily defeated, however.

On a quiet edge of Silgrad Tower stands the grand namesake of the city, the Tower of Silgrad. Once the center of Silgrad Tower politics, the Tower now acts as a prison forjust one man: Valos Hadreth. As a former Blind Moth Priest, Hadreth wasseen as a prophet to the Dunmer in the trying times after The Red Year, and he was immediately recognized as a threat to Argonian rule. Now he waits patiently for the revolution that will free his people.

Join Valos Hadreth, or end his rebellion in this unofficial mod that will determine the fate of an entire region in western Morrowind. Heed our call, and help raise Silgrad Tower from the ashes!


-The initial mod will focus specifically (and only) on the city of Silgrad Tower and its surrounding region. This is to assure that we do not “bite off more than we can chew” in terms of modding work, and to be absolutely sure that we will finish something by the release of the next Elder Scrolls game.

-After finishing the Silgrad Tower region, we will most likely work region by region up through Blacklight.

-We will be following Bethesda lore as closely as we can, but we will have to use or own lore from our previous TESIII and TESIV projects as a supplement, since little is known about this region or its cities.

-The main quest will start with the player meeting a rebellious Dunmer slave, who will lead the player to Valos Hadreth. Once the player infiltrates the Tower of Silgrad’s sealed courtyard, he must ascend the tower, where Hadreth will be waiting. It is here that the player will learn of Silgrad Tower’s slave rebellion and what’s at stake.

-When we do get around to making Soluthis, Blacklight, Ald Nium, Steadhelm and Tel Gavos, the following has been decided:

-Soluthis: Ran by local warlords from ruined Reich Parkeep. Soluthis is still a viable town, but it has declined.

-Blacklight: The city is now the capital of Morrowind after the Argonians sacked Mournhold with Blacklight Castle at its center. Many refugees on their way to Solstheim stopped here, only to stay for whatever reason.

-Ald Nium & Steadhelm: We’ll add some ruins, both towns were destroyed.

-Tel Gavos: Survived.

Concept for the city of Silgrad Tower:

-The Argonian district contains the Argonian palace, and other key structures. Other Argonian government/guard buildings can be spread throughout the city. A hole was made in the original city walls during the Argonian takeover, and they have created a makeshift walled district to “patch” the hole. The hole in the original walls serves as an intentional weak point that will make the city less defensible, should the Dunmer ever kick the Argonians out. With this, the Argonians should easily be able to flood back into the city.

-One area can be reserved for handling Dunmer slaves. It can be a slave pit, a labor camp, etc. It will be located in the center of the city, and it will be made into the city square once Silgrad Tower is liberated.

-Most of the Dunmer slaves will be homeless. Only those Dunmer with special skills will have homes.

-The Temple is now abandoned, destroyed, or is used for some other purpose entirely. A few statues and religions artifacts still remain inside.

-The old Dunmer morgues/ crematoriums still exist, but the Argonians no longer allow traditional Dunmer cremation or entombment in ancestral tombs.

- The Argonian district will be the most elevated part of the city, followed by the Tower of Silgrad, and then the rest of the city, with the slave pit being the lowest point.

-Overall, the city will feel like a prison/ slave fortress.

-We will be using Hlaalu architecture for the city of Silgrad Tower. The buildings will be kept close together, to give a “busy” feeling.

- Most of the original Dunmer buildings will be ruined.

-Guards will be numerous in order to convey a sense of oppression, martial law, etc.

-The Tower of Silgrad has been completely walled off by the Argonians, to keep the citizens from interacting with Valos Hadreth.


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