Hello again!

Welcome back to Silgrad Tower from the Ashes, due to real life issues I had to take a two and half year break from modding.

The site is now back and I reverted to a forum copy from april 2014, after we decided not to proceed with the TAL forum merger.

In the years 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 we worked behind the scenes on a Skyrim (conversion) version.

The posted content was of no importance like New Years wishes etc., so nothing is lost.

I hope the community can make good use of our forum content, if only for reference purposes.


Still checking the forum settings, feedback is more than welcome.


More to come. 🙂


Best regards,




–> Our Nexus links:

Morrowind 1.46 RLZ 1-4_6.6_full 

ST v4.0 RLZ

Forgotten Garden 

TESIV Gecko.

TESV Vlindrel Hall 🙂