Forum update !

This forum is for reference purposes, a new forum with phpBB will be installed for final usage.

The old Woltlab forum couldn’t be imported in phpBB, so via MyBB it can be converted to phpBB.


Our assets for our releases can be downloaded from the Plaza.


It’s not allowed to use our assets for other projects, without permission!

Hello again!

Welcome back to Silgrad Tower from the Ashes, due to real life issues I had to take a two and half year break from modding.

The site is now back and I reverted to a forum copy from april 2014, after we decided not to proceed with the TAL forum merger.

In the years 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 we worked behind the scenes on a Skyrim (conversion) version.

The posted content was of no importance like New Years wishes etc., so nothing is lost.

I hope the community can make good use of our forum content, if only for reference purposes.


Still checking the forum settings, feedback is more than welcome.


More to come. 🙂


Best regards,




–> Our Nexus links:

Morrowind 1.46 RLZ 1-4_6.6_full 

ST v4.0 RLZ

Forgotten Garden 

TESIV Gecko.

TESV Vlindrel Hall 🙂