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Tuesday, March 13th 2012, 6:44pm


Due to unforeseen technical circumstances (mid October 2011) we had to move our forum from to We would like to thank Razorwing (Honorary member) for the many years he was active for the modding community and Silgrad Tower. :)

Our server capacity has, however, doubled so we can easily upload our assets, esm's and so on, with an unlimited bandwidth., our backup site remains part of our project, many thanks to Oblivioneer.

The Silgrad Tower project started in 2002, the team created a Morrowind mod for our our capital Silgrad Tower on the main land of Morrowind, our Oblivion version is heavily based on the Morrowind version. In 4 years of work the team crafted a vibrant living world that truly lived up to the bar that Bethesda set with their game. The initial ideas for our Oblivion mod came in 2004 when Bethesda announced The Elder Scrolls 4. Work began even before the games release, with models being created, and texture being drawn.

The actual modding process of the mods development began soon after Oblivions release (2006). In the first three years, we progressed to a stage where the mod was at a satisfactory state. By then, Steadhelm, Ebbedin and Ald Nium were complete. Soluthis was close to being finished as well. The last two years we focused on Silgrad Tower (the city). We're using may custom models to ensure a Morrowind feel when playing our mod.

We released it as a Beta.
Completed towns / cities: Ald Nium, Ebbedin, Holdgate, Steadhelm, Soluthis and Tel Gavos. Silgrad city's exterior is almost completed except for the Eastside.

As you may know, in the past we hosted a lot of projects known as Beyond Cyrodiil (e.g. High Rock I-III, Black Marsh, Valenwood etc.), these have been archived. As a courtesy to the community (for reference purposes) we made a number of archived Beyond Cyrodiil projects accessible, please check this link (read only) and our archives as well.

DC is hosting four projects that were hosted on our old site (, please check the archives. The Black Marshes switch to DC wasn't very elegant (at the least) which I discussed in March 2012 with Andalaybay and we sorted everything. I sent her the TESIVGecko workspace (with Steve's aka SACarrow permission) for creating TESV Gecko. She founded DC, after internal discussions she started her own site The Assimilation Lab. The Black Marsh project moved there as well.

We (the Core) have decided that will be dedicated exclusively to the Silgrad Tower mod, so we will not be hosting external projects.
Late 2011 (fall) we discussed the setting for our Skyrim mod and in February 2012 we started modding our lands.

The height map has been finished and we're making good progress with the model conversion (Hlaalu tileset finished). We also started modding Rift Watch (border town).

August 2013
We started working on our Hlaalu estate teaser mod and the conversion of our Oblivion mod to Skyrim.

December 2013/ January 2014
All our custom ST models have been converted to Skyrim, many thanks to Ornim from the Skywind team.

Our Oblivion mod has been converted to Skyrim thanks to zilav and hapychappy from the Skywind team.

January 2014
Merger with the Assimilation Lab
Forum participation has been declining over the last few years, so we decided to merge our communities. Each community has features that complement the other and we feel we can build a stronger community by merging them so we are not competing with each other.

Updated April 10th 2014

The Silgrad Tower Core
Aurea Aetas - Golden Age (Metamorphoses I, 89)

Ovid 43 BC - 17 AD

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Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 7:42pm

Updated the OP.
Aurea Aetas - Golden Age (Metamorphoses I, 89)

Ovid 43 BC - 17 AD

Version Control

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