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Sunday, March 11th 2012, 8:58am

Introduction to Silgrad Tower: From the Ashes

An Introduction

Hosting your own project --> Please check this link.

Written by jucklesjenk.

Updated April 10th 2014

Silgrad Tower: From The Ashes is a community-based mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, in which we are adding a portion of Morrowind's landmass to the original game. It will initially encompass the area around the city of Silgrad Tower in western Morrowind. This game world will contain many fantastic features for any enthusiastic modder and gamer (setting). , including three new cities, several faction questlines and hundreds of new NPCs If you are interested in working on Oblivion or Morrowind, we have our older projects for those as well . Of course we do support our release versions. which are still very much active and constantly being improved and updated.

For questions regarding this site post on our boards or send an E-mail to

Our Boards

Our forum is laid out in a very simple way. Just click on "Silgrad Tower: From The Ashes, forum" and you can see all of the boards within it, ordered within three distinct sections: The City, The Guildhall & The Temple. The City is where most of the work gets done. Here you will find our general discussions and FAQs (The Tavern and FAQs boards respectively) as well as our discussions about Skyrim itself. There you will also find our Lore (general information and backstory for the Elder Scrolls universe, as well as our mod-specific lore), our Development boards (where you go if you are interested in contributing meshes, textures, audio or voice acting, which are always welcome and needed) and our Claims boards, which is where you claim your portion of the mod to work on.

The Guildhall contains the Forge (for ST modders), and is where our mod's main files are kept and updated. The Forge is where all our assets (meshes, textures and audio files) are kept and added into the BSAs, which are regularly updated and posted there for the modders to use. It's also a discussion board for ST modders. You'll find the "The Source" there as well, where the .esm file is available for downloading.

The Temple is where we organise and run our previous modding projects for Morrowind and Oblivion . If you are interested in modding these instead, just post and we will be glad to help you get started in modding for those projects.

Want to get started modding for us?

Great! We always welcome new modders. However, before you begin, you must first read and acknowledge our Team Guidelines. Then you can introduce yourself here to the team.
Once you've introduced yourself, you need to claim a modding abbreviation, which every modder needs in order to identify their work in the mod as well as to avoid causing incompatibilities.
A reviewer will assign you to a claim category (easy, medium, difficult), then you can head on over to wherever you want to start modding and we'll help you along your way. Please make sure to claim the correct category.

Make sure that before you attempt to take a claim you read the description thoroughly so that you understand what it is you are claiming. All our claims have to pass through a review stage as well, before they can be added to our mod. To find out more information about the claiming and reviewing stages, please click here.

Who are the ST Modders

Once you have joined the team you'll be a ST modder, you can start claiming, and you will have to begin (usually) on the 'easy' or 'medium' claims. This will give you access to The Guildhall.

Who are the Core?

The Core are the group of modders who lead and organise the project, and as such are in charge. If you ever encounter any problem or seek any advice, don't hesitate to contact the Core by sending a PM to any of the members (a list of the current Core members can be found here) or just contacting us on the forums. However, we also moderate the boards and if you do not adhere to forum etiquette (as detailed in the Team Guidelines), then we will not hesitate to act accordingly.

Who are the Honorary Members?

Honorary Members are simply former Core Members or ST Modders who are now inactive but have put a lot of commitment into our project in the past, and we acknowledge them by giving them this status as recognition of that.

The Silgrad Tower Core.
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Ovid 43 BC - 17 AD

Version Control

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