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Tuesday, January 19th 2016, 7:36pm

ST's future and planning

It has been a long time.

To be honest after the merger with the Assmilation Lab failed, I lost interest in modding, also due to the fact that real life wasn't very cooperative, moving house, a few new and large projects . However I am still committed to this project.

Skyrim was never as popular like it's predecessors Oblivion & Morrowind. Many sites were taken down like Skyrim's Real estate (Shezrie), because of a lack of interest etc. There are plenty of nice mods made by individual modders but team efforts are rare.

Thanks to Skywind our Oblivion version has been converted to a Skyrim format. :D
The main issue, I am the only active world modder (interiors, exteriors, quest building), Brima is willing to write books and quests together with dietbob196045, last but not least Cambridge Spy is willing to help with the voice acting. I am willing to continue with the Skyrim version if I can get some support by a few active world modders, I prefer to work with a team.

Otherwise, I think I'll continue with our Oblivion version, using the downsized landmass (finished by the TheImperialDragon) and transfer the content to this new and smaller World space.

Input and thoughts are more than welcome. :)

Of course I'll keep this forum up and running for reference purposes. :Checkmark:

Thanks for reading this post!

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Thursday, January 21st 2016, 12:54am

Yeah, I seem to be the only voice actor here. I recently acquired a Blue Yeti mic, and I have been experimenting with it and showing off the samples on another forum (The Dark Mod). Unfortunately, they don't seem to like both my performance and the mic quality. But I'll persevere. I'll post a video of the Blue Yeti in action on this thread soon.


Here it is:

This was posted on the 26th of November, 2014, but it shows the Blue Yeti in action. What do you think?

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Friday, January 22nd 2016, 7:51am

A high quality recording. :)
Aurea Aetas - Golden Age (Metamorphoses I, 89)

Ovid 43 BC - 17 AD

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Wednesday, February 10th 2016, 4:20pm


I would have to concur with you on the modding (lack of interest) team efforts are very rare in skyrim, Honestly I haven't really found any mods for that matter that are as good or equal in content then those I found for Oblivion or Morrowind.. the boat is being missed as they say....... I haven't done any work in OB or Skyrim and don't plan on it other then offering quest ideas, lore, suggestions etc. maybe someday as I would really like a good house mod for skyrim and I have not found one yet.

My personal opinion I had always though we should stick with OB until it was finished, but I thought the same about our morrowind release, as i am also alone in the modding of it and of course as Sandor say's "Life" it does take up alot of my time so I have little to offer with respect to modding time, I just plug away at it slowly.

So with all that... whatever decision is made I support it.

Now bad me... I have never downloaded and played our version of oblivion shame on me is V4 the most current (this is on Nexus) if not can you direct me to the latest so I can get some hours and see where we is....

Enjoy Bob

Hey I can speak like a Nord lol I have no equipment for such indeavors


Friday, February 26th 2016, 7:40pm

It has been a long time.

Hi, guys! Hello, Sandor! I'm a really big fan of Silgrad Tower. I love release for Morrowind, I love Forgotten Garden demo, love all versions of Silgrad. It was part of my modding life, I watched your project days and nights at the 2008, 2009 and so on. I remeber you, Razorwing and another good guys from here.

I'm autor of another mod for Oblivion: Dwemer Art - the Alik'r Desert (oh, here it is!). It's very similar to Silgrad tower: my worldspace is really huge (However, not so big as Silgrad), there are many resources here. It was released on december 2014. It's sad, but it's available only on Russian lang, but maybe I will translate it to English. My mod is finished, it has new storylines, cities, dungeons, but it has so many troubles with FPS (just like Silgrad too, sorry ;D).

So now I just started new project: Hammerfell for Oblivion. It will be some kind of remake of Dwemer Art - the Alik'r Desert with good optimization, downsized landmass and many storylines.

I think, you must continue with Silgrad Tower for Oblivion. It's a good idea to downsize it. Skyrim is old now too (five years, My Gosh!). Oblivion has great graphics with ENB and really easily for Modding. And I really want to help you with this mod.

Sorry for my bad English, it sucked, but I hope you understand me. Good luck!

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Monday, March 28th 2016, 1:20am

G'day all just checking in after 5 years of inactivity. :wacko:

Last time I modded was when I was still in school so a lot has changed in my life in regards to the amount of spare time I have -> during the Uni term I'm very busy. During the holidays however I would be curious to see if I could get back into modding. I certainly have lost all the CS skills I had all those years ago so I'd probably spend some time just learning the ins and outs. I'm currently studying Computer Science and would like to get a more technical understanding of modding this time round rather than just fiddling in the CS.

Hope your all doing well and I hope to check in again soon :)


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