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Wednesday, September 7th 2011, 3:08pm

Quest Idea: Academic Rivalry

A little idea for a quest for the Silgrad University which I hope to work on once I'm done with Ebeddin.

My basic idea is that the two professors at the university are fierce rivals, and are willing to go to any lengths to discredit each other's theories. One of the two has a crazy theory that the Ayleids were the true founders of Silgrad Tower, and is conducting an archaeological dig in a nearby cave to prove it.

His rival wants the player to take an ayleid statue and plant it in the dig site, so that he can later expose the hoax and discredit his enemy. The player does this, having to sneak past the scholar to do so, but when he gets to the cave, he's offered the chance to go back to the university and spike the first professor's alchemical preparation with a potion of his own design.

The quest could end in several ways:

1. The player tells professor 2 that professor 1 was trying to decieve him with the ayleid artefact. He gets a modest reward for this, and professor 1 is fired (he shows up as a beggar in the slums, who attacks the player if he sees them).

2. The player tells professor 1 that professor 2 was trying to sabotage his alchemy. He gets a modest reward for this, and professor 2 is fired (he shows up at the player's bedside when they next sleep, apparently trying to poison him - there is a fight from this)

3. The player does not say anything, and plays both the tricks on the professors, collecting both rewards. The next time the player enters the university, he sees them fighting hand to hand, each having discovered the other's deception. The player can either intervene or let them duke it out...
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