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Sunday, March 11th 2012, 10:35am

Reviewing guidelines.

  • Introduction page.

  • Step 1: Create an account
    Step 2: State your modding experience in our introduction thread and claim a modding Abbrev.

    Step 3: Wait for confirmation as to whether or not you can make easy claims.

  • New modders are limited to the simpler claims and after completing a few (i.e. 3 or 4), which are reviewed by the reviewers who handle new members, they can move onto bigger ones that are more complex. Please start with an easy claim, if you are experienced you may start with a medium/hard claim.

    Easy: Claimer must know how to use the CK and its features (object placement, how to change cell settings, basic NPC creation, basic dialogue, etc) , but may not have worked on a project such as this before. Claimers at this level may not know exactly what our expectations/standards are yet. Should be able to follow our interior making guide with little problem. Quest- making knowledge not required, but if the modder knows how to make quests, he/she may try to make one for their interior.

    Concrete Requirements to be allowed to make an easy claim:
    -Must be fluent in object placement
    -Knows how to change lighting
    -Knows how to apply ownership
    -Knows how to make NPCs (stats, face editing, clothing, etc)
    -Has some basic knowledge of how the AI system works
    -Can make simple dialogue
    -Can understand our guidelines

    Modders who do not meet these standards should read the CK wiki to brush up on whatever it is they don't know how to do before claiming. This often doesn't take long at all, since the wiki is usually an efficient source of information, once you know how to navigate it. For dialogue and AI, it is often a good idea to examine Bethesda's work in the CK when you're just getting started. New modders should also practice their new-found skills before claiming.

    Medium: These are good for fair-sized interiors (small to medium sized manors) and structures with a more advanced purpose (inns, for example). Modders at this level might try structures that require more creativity. At this level, we can encourage the modder to learn some basic quest- making skills (but not necessarily require it).

    Hard: Usually for core members or ST modders who have shown that they can handle the "medium" level well. Large structures and/or structures that play an important role.

  • When you're naming an esp:
    Your modding ID plus the claim code and a version number e.g. StSrSilgradCity001v1.0.esp

    Please get your Modding ID -=here=-.

    Please use common sense when putting objects in don't put any 'Uber item' or something illegal in the claim and please play test it before submitting in fact it's obligatory (if not the claim will be revoked). This will make it look better and maybe get through the review faster.

    When Claiming:
    Tell us what you have planned for the interior, eg. a home or pawn shop.
    A free claim means that there's no starter cell.

    When Submitting an interior:
    In case of a free claim tell us the name of the cell or cells (ID of the cell ) so they can be found.

    Our policy is to stick with lore. Please check our Team Guidelines.

    Snap to Grid (free claims):
    Make sure all your interior tiles are aligned with snap grid. To do this, click on the button in your CS that looks like a coordinate plane. Now try moving your tiles . As you can see, they move a very even number of points, with no weird decimal numbers . The snap grid works for all tiles and some objects. However, in cases such as object placement, you may have to manually align.

    Make sure to check your lighting to make sure it matches that of Bethesda interiors of the same style and size.

    North Marker:
    The north marker is essential (free claim). It tells the interior what direction is north, so that the game map will work properly.

    Our policy for"cookie cutter" interiors:
    The review board will not accept "cookie cutter" interiors. In other words, do not copy and paste entire shelves and such from bethesda made interiors. A person who has played skyrim a lot can easily look at a shelf and instantly remember seeing it.

    We revoke interiors that contain copied material.

    Maintain a clean file:
    Don't change cells that are not related to your claim.
    -If stated please do not link your interiors to an exterior.
    -If stated please do not add NPCs/monsters to your interior. Those will be added later.

  • Review:
    If problems (explained by the reviewer) are found with an interior in review the fixes will be send back to the creator so he/she may fix his/her interior.

    It is a well known fact that imperial and nordic style items connot exist in dunmer style buildings, or vice versa. This small guide will tell what imperial, dunmer, and nordic style items should only be used in particular spots, and what can be safely ignored. Imperial things can be identified with the word
    "imperial" in their name. Nordic things usually have "nord" in their name. Dunmeric things typically have "dunmer" in their name.

    This applies to:
    - furniture
    - lights
    - armor
    - weapons
    - tapestries
    - mead
    - books
    - Clothing
    -furniture containers (dressers, cabinets, etc)
    -chests (we're still looking into the smaller chests, but the bigger ones do matter).
    -silverware (forks, knives, and spoons are alright, but the things with "imp" in them should only go in imperial structures unless said differently.
    -Metal goblets, pitchers, etc (these are imperial only)(metal plates can still be used anywhere)

    For common use:
    -drinks other than mead
    -plates (not including silverware)
    -utensils (forks, knives, spoons)
    -Some housewares (a lot of the decoration things)

    Don't use unique items.

    Remember to check for illegal items as well:
    -Dwemer items
    -Skooma and skooma pipes (if allowed it's stated in the claim description)
    -moon sugar (if allowed it's stated in the claim description)
    These things can only exist if they are VERY well hidden. Of course, the dwemer items can be in the ruins.

    • Book placement is very important. Each faction has a different viewpoint on other factions. For example, since the Hlaalu like the empire, they will have imperial books. Since the telvanni hate the empire, however, they won't have any imperial books at all. This also goes for other factions. The telvanni hate the mages guild, and won't have any mages guild books. Just use your best judgement here.

    • The use of furniture sets should be consistent, either Imperial or Dunmer etc.

    • Try to use one class e.g. the claim description states poor it should be poor, so no rich items. Middle class leans towards rich so it's ok to use middle class and rich items. Poor-middle: Mostly poor furniture with some redware objects.

      Specific to Skyrim:
      • Common (poor- middle)- Common furniture is seen in poor and middle class locations. Can mix with Upper furniture for middle class.

      • Upper (middle- upper)- Upper furniture is seen in middle class and rich locations

      • Noble (upper usually, though sometimes in fairly middle class areas, such as Jorrvaskr)- Seen in wealthy locations. Can mix with Upper furniture in wealthy homes.

    • Check for floaters and bleeding objects.

    • Within the CK objects automatically settle on a surface e.g. a table on the floor, a book on a table etc. :Arrow: No floating. :)

      In general we don't need Havok however ist's handy to drop stuff on the floor so the objects have a random position e.g. a bucket that dropped on it's side. Don't forget to switch off the havok afterwards.

    Updated April 10th 2014.

    The Silgrad Tower Core.

    If problems are found with an interior in review, a variety of things may happen. If the creator is still with the project, the fixes will be sent back to the creator so he/she may fix his/her interior. The only exception would be if the above rules are disobeyed, and the creator shows/has shown in the past an extreme reluctance to fix their claim. If the creator has left the project/shown reluctance to fix an error or errors, the following may occur:
    -Immediate revoking of claim (depending on the degree of the errors).
    -The claim will be fixed without the creator's consent.

    If the creator didn't fix a problem as promised/ discussed, any of the following may occur:
    -The claim will be immediately revoked.
    -The creator will be asked again to fix it.
    -The claim will be fixed without the creator's consent.
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