Credits for our TESV version (in no particular order):

  • Lightwave for updating TES4qLOD.
  • Ethatron for Oscape.
  • Phitt for his Dwemer, Bravil Seadomes and Daedric tileset.
  • Jon Satriani for his Telvanni tileset.
  • Figment for TESVSnip.
  • AndalayBay for working on TESVGecko.
  • Knight & AnImpatientFan for creating our board logo/header.
  • Bethesda for allowing us to use their Skyrim theme.
  • Maegfaer for his Version Control guide (CK Wiki)
  • Anastassia for converting our Hlaalu tilset to a TESV standard
  • SACarrow, Razorwing, TheImperialDragon for their models and tilesets which we’ll use for our Skyrim version, please see below (TESIV).
  • Ornim (model converter) & happychappy & zilav (Skywind team) for converting our TES IV Silgrad Tower mod to TESV
  • zilav for TES5Edit




Credits for our TESIV version (in no particular order):

  • Razorwing for his splendid tilesets & models a.o. the Redoran, Hlaalu, Velothi & Moldcave tilesets!
  • TheImperialDragon for his models, common tileset, sewer tileset.
  • Stilgar for his excellent textures.
  • Jon Satriani for his Telvanni tileset.
  • Mr Siika for his resource packs e.g. cliffs, seagulls, chickens and fishing boat.
  • Kafeid for the Elegant Vests resource.
  • someone1074 for the capes & cloaks resource.
  • Ghogiel for the Bonemold armor, as well as Cryo and Shmbling_Horde for their Bonemold  helmets.
  • Grimdeath, B3w4r3, Martigen, Syko Fox, Cryo, Mdogger, Xmarksthespot, Cryonaut, Orix,
  • Renzeekin, and Grimenir for their Lore Creatures Expansion pack.
  • Prometheus for the statue set ‘Prom’ some of which adorn the Forgotten Garden.
  • Phitt for his help in greatly improving the FPS issue in the Forgotten Garden 2.0 beta release.
  •  Phitt for his Dwemer, Bravil Seadomes and Daedric tileset.
  • Bromet for IlluminatedAlmost everything VWD
  • Belanos Tamriel VWD enhanced
  • Arthmoor RAEVWD
  • jack56 MTAE VWDLite1a
  • Special thanks to Koniption for her work on the lift, the Dres Scuttler the jellyfish.
  •  nick_op for his technical work on the LCE creatures and farm animals, and for animating the seagulls.
  • The Modax Jago for his work on the mesh and texture for the Kwama forager as well as nick_op for his skeleton, rigging, animations and SACarrow for his sounds and getting textures for two different UV maps working together as one on the Kwama forager.
  • We would also like to thank Bethesda for making Oblivion, the makers and contributors of TES4Gecko for providing the ultimate modding tool, the makers of TES4Edit, TES4Files, and the makers of NifSkope for creating the perfect application for NIF-related work.
  • morcroft for his hand tools.
  • Steve Carrow (aka SACarrow) for updating TESIVGecko & his shack tileset.
  • Ibsen’s Ghost for his excellent voice work.
  • -Magus- for his Silgrad “Tower” icon.
  • RideWithTheWind & Stilgar for their Hlaalu textures.
  • The original exterior Hlaalu tileset was modelled by Oom Foyat and textured by Quentin Fortune. Final version updated by Razorwing.
  • Kyoushu for creating the concept art for the “Silgrad Tower”.
  • TheImperialDragon for adding collision to the remaining single piece models, creating a single piece model for SCC0105/07 and creating _far nifs for the Silgrad city Hlaalu walls.
  • Everyone who contributed.

If we forgot someone please contact one of our Core members.

TESIII Credits.